Bamboo 4-Piece Luxury Sheet Set

Bamboo 4-Piece Luxury Sheet Set

Why always the 60% polyester stuff?
Bring on some GOOD rayon, um “bamboo” sheets even at a higher price and you’d have a deal.


What is the thread count ?

So I have bought these now three times seeing them , I love them they are soft and breathable which was one of the things I was looking for since I have an older mem foam mattress that draws in heat so these helped me I felt compared to other sheets wish I could have ordered more then 3 sets cuz we got some for the kids

I have some sheets like this that I like and were made in India. Just wondering where these were made, wondering if they’re the same. Can you or someone from Woot answer where these sheets were made? Thanks.

I have used these for about 3 days now. I was looking for something soft and breathable, which is what these offer with 60% microfiber (soft) and 40 % bamboo (breathable). I believe bamboo is also supposed to be soft, but I’ve never owned 100% bamboo. I washed and dried them according to the label. I didn’t get any pilling or wrinkles. Descent quality; great buy for the price. I personally like them, but I wanted to share some details for anyone who is curious:
They’re not rough at all, but don’t expect the same feel you’d get with 100% brushed microfiber. They’re also a little thin and see through, but I really like this because I sleep hot. They are very breathable.