Bamboo 6-Piece Luxury Sheet Set

Bamboo 6-Piece Luxury Sheet Set

I bought these a couple times back. it was maybe a year ago. i like these in cold weather but they make me sweat any other time. i didn’t use them much, so they only got washed about three times before they were beaded badly, then the bottom sheet tore, like tissue. they just don’t seem like the material is made to last.


Anyway I can find out who the manufacturer is on these?

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I would be VERY leery of bamboo sheets at that price. Good bamboo sheets cost money ALWAYS get good sheets.

I’m not impressed. These sheets are so thin you can see through them. I’ll use them, but I’m not expecting much out of them. I would not buy them again. The description on Woot says they are 40% Rayon (from Bamboo) and 60% brushed microfiber. No where on the packaging or on the tags sewn into the seams is this stated. You get what you pay for.


MICROFIBER!! MICROFIBER!! It’s over half Microfiber, yet Woot continues to call it a BAMBOO sheet set. This really makes me angry.


Just want to reiterate what everyone else says… these are flimsy and not cooling sheets like other bamboo sheets.

You get what you pay for.


Polyester! They’re comfy enough, but not bamboo!


Purchased two sets of these sheets. One set fitted sheet only had elastic at the ends. Both sets make me itch.

Agreed! They don’t breathe at all. Time to wash and donate to the local thrift store.