Bamboo 6-Piece Luxury Sheet Set

Bamboo 6-Piece Luxury Sheet Set

These sheets are very thin they’re not as thick as I thought, I just received them I washed them first haven’t used them yet I just hope they don’t bead up on me.

Are they a stretchy material? the last bamboo sheets I got are thin but quite comfortable and the material has held up over time, but they are very stretchy and shrunk after a few washes. it’s very difficult to get them over my 13" mattress now, and they don’t cover all the way down the sides.

How anyone sleeps in these cheap polyester sheets is beyond me. I’d be sweating like a hostage all night long! 100% cotton percale is the only way to go!

Luckily, we live in a world where we can make our own choices and each have different preferences.


I ordered two sets specifically because there were 4 pillow cases included. I was SO disappointed when I opened both sets to find only 2 pillow cases in each. Wondering if anyone else had that same problem. Woot was quick to refund me for the missing pillow cases, but now I’m stuck trying to find something that will match these to go on my new bed. Beyond bummed!