Bamboo Boards & Knives

the prices of the utensils are cheaper on Amazon. with Prime shipping.

The Minnesota board shown on the main photo is not for sale here! Booooo!

I’m sorry. It probably sold out in between the time they set up the banner and the sale launched (e.g. in another sale).

I was trying to get information on the individual items. The info is NOT in the “specs” tab. I emailed and got Mohammed Z who did NOT read my question, did not use the tools at his disposal to figure out the answer. All he did was tell me to check the info in the tab (which I TOLD HIM wasn’t there).

I would have bought 6 items (two separate Kyocera knives, times the 3 per person limit), but because of his incompetence, I only bought two just so I minimize my loss. I am disgusted by his incompetence.
Because of his incompetence, I also chose not to purchase an additional Miyabi knife. Because of him, you lost over a hundred additional dollars in sales.
I’d be happy to buy more items, but they expire tomorrow morning while I’m at work.
Why do you hire people like Mohammed Z, who don’t know what they’re doing?
I DO want the two items, otherwise. But this was NOT an auspicious beginning to ongoing customer purchaces

Sorry to hear that you were unable to find out the information you were inquiring about.

Usually if you have an inquiries we suggest you post here within the thread; seeking previous experience, further details and pinging Woot Staff if you believe something in the Features and/or Specs listing to be mistakenly missing or possibly incorrect.

If you have any questions regarding any of the offers within this PLUS sale please let us know and we can forward it along to Woot Staff and find out.