Bamboo Luxury Sheet Set Solid Design

Bamboo Luxury Sheet Set Solid Design

Can anyone explain what makes bamboo sheets so special?

Marketing. :wink:

It’s rayon (made from bamboo; not necessarily a bad thing) and bamboo is just thrown in as a marketing gimmick. The result is functionally identical to any other rayon (typically made from wood fiber), but because bamboo is seen as more “natural” and “renewable”, manufacturers will slap that name on things.


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True bamboo sheets are wonderful in the summer because they are light and breathable. These sheets are only 40% bamboo and 60% microfiber, so I wouldn’t go near these. They are likely to pill and won’t resemble good quality bamboo sheets.


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You dont get “luxury sheets” for $20 and change. The fitted sheets elastic is weak and keeps falling off the mattress. These are basically any generic sheets you can get at target. And at least you can return yours to target if you dont like them.


These come with a 90 day limited Woot warranty. They can be returned.

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You know they’re good quality bamboo sheets if your bedroom is set upon by panda bears.

So you’re telling me I’ve been sleeping on wood all these years?!!

I wish! Unfortunately China won’t sell me one
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Do American Trash Pandas eat bamboo? That would still count I think.


I disagree with the person who said “marketing”.

Bamboo makes for a fabric that is very breathable and it doesn’t hold onto moisture the way that cotton does. So if you sweat, the sheets don’t stay damp. If you’ve ever woken up with a drenched cotton shirt clinging to you, you can understand why that matters. It also feels nice against the skin. Bamboo is very sustainable because bamboo is literally a grass (not a tree).

Rayon made from bamboo is made from the pulp, there is another type of sheet called tencel or lyocell that is made from wood pulp (personally, I find it not as soft and a bit hotter than bamboo but I’m the kind of person who sweats if I sleep without a fan or AC - but it washes very well)

Both are derived from natural products and are not synthetic based, unlike microfiber/polyester. However, the old school idea that 100% cotton sheets are the ideal isn’t necessarily true. Hotel sheets are 60% poly & 40% cotton because they have to feel nice to a range of guest tastes, not wrinkle, and hold up to lots of washing.

I have gotten some of the bamboo blend sheets from Woot, I don’t think they are this exact product though. But I’ve been very impressed with what I received. They are soft, they don’t cause me to sweat like some others, and have been washed several times (and dried on low because I dry everything on low) and haven’t fallen apart.

Not all products are created equal, but bamboo itself is not a gimmick. However, that doesn’t mean that some won’t try to use it as such.


calling it bamboo instead of just rayon is absolutely marketing, and in many cases, greenwashing. it’s more sustainable for the reasons you gave (though lets be serious, a lot of rayon is made from wood waste left from other production uses anyway, and there’s plenty of companies that offset whatever green-ness they saved with using bamboo by using processes that generate a LOT of environmental waste), but until they got their hands slapped a few years ago companies were eager to let people believe bamboo was some magical new ecofabric woven from trees and not a chemically-produced synthetic fabric that’s been around for over 100 years.

I sleep on my stomach too.


Calling it bamboo instead of just rayon is saying what the rayon is made of. Which would open them up to getting in trouble should the material be tested. You’re basically saying that listing the ingredient is just marketing and is no more useful than saying these carrots are gluten free. That’s where I disagree.

Not everyone pays attention to the way certain fabrics feel, but some of us do. People also buy cheap toilet paper. I’ve slept on expensive lyocell sheets and I could feel the difference and I still prefer a quality bamboo. (Or an old school/vintage good quality 100% cotton - like my grandma’s “good linens”). I don’t think everyone is lining up to buy bamboo sheets solely because it’s ecofriendly. But for folks who sleep hot, it does make a difference and if I had a choice, between 100% microfiber and a blend with some bamboo then I’d go with the mix. But then again, I buy toilet paper based on how it feels not its price or ingredients.

I did find this article that has been helpful in explaining the different processes used to produce the material and I learned something new! So thank you for your insight. I can better understand your point of view.

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rayon is rayon, it literally does not matter what tree or for that matter what cellulose it is made from, you could make it from old books, it doesn’t matter. When people say that they can feel differences between brands of rayon, it’s not because of what trees it’s made from, it’s how it’s spun or woven, or what process was used (for instance modal is a specific type of rayon, or lyocell, as you mentioned. that had 0 to do with the source of cellulose). you melt cellulose down into goo with a bunch of chemicals and spray it out of nozzles regardless.

“rayon from bamboo” is absolutely marketing. No one was out there trying to find out what “ingredients” their rayon was made of until everyone was trying to be conscientious about the environment, and companies could cash in on it. I’ve watched it happen over the past 10 years.

you like rayon? great, me too.
“bamboo rayon” is still marketing.

It wouldn’t be wood if I slept on my stomach, it’d be speedbumps, lol.


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I bought a similar set from that “other” site which shall not be named. I’m sure they were not 100% bamboo, but a blend.

They were extremely soft, somewhat thin, and made me sweat like a hooker in church. Not breathable at all!