Bamboo Luxury Sheet Set Solid Design

Bamboo Luxury Sheet Set Solid Design

Don’t bother. They are paper thin. They feel great at first but within 6 months you ate having them split and rip.


Yeah, I’m wary of anything that claims to be “bamboo luxury” but is 60% nylon/polyester.

^this. they feel great at first because of the rayon, but after washing them a few times it all wears away and you get a sheet that has the feel of cheap nylon trackpants, and then you put your foot through them by sleeping too hard, and throw them in the trash.

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I got mine today. They actually don’t feel that great, not silky like microfiber sheets or soft like the better bamboo sheets. The texture could probably be best described as rougher and thin? Unpleasant. They just feel mostly like those super cheap polyester sheets. None of the packaging says what they’re made of, just “bamboo blend.”

Definitely skip these. Thought I had found a deal here but these crappy sheets are super cheap and available everywhere.

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Sorry you’re unhappy with them. Maybe they’ll soften in the wash?

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