Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow - 2 Sizes

I purchased one from Amazon, same one and my son didn’t like it. Tried to return but shipping was almost expensive to buy another one, so it just seats there , no one likes it.

I know there’s a bunch out there, so this might be subjective, but I ordered a couple last year from Hotel Comfort on Amazon. They were great for the first month, then kinda turned into any other pillow. About 6 months down the road, I got an ear infection. skip ahead another month or so, I got more infections, going from left ear, right ear, and back to left ear. 3 of them in a month. Then another month later I got one that ruptured my eardrum, and it finally clicked that it was the pillows. I washed and cleaned them regularly, flipped them, used both of them that I had, etc. No clue what was causing it, but I threw them out.

Yikes! Ear infections are horribly painful. Thanks for the heads-up.

So, ENT docs must be handing these out as X-Mas gifts?

blaming a pillow for your ear infections, without any corroborating evidence other than coincidence, is unwise. Correlation =/= causation.

I got one from Bed Bath and Beyond. I was told it was one of their most popular pillows. I have found it to be quite comfortable and it does not get as hot as the other memory foam pillows I have used.

We purchased two about a year ago from BJs and are very pleased with the pillows. They are more comfortable than a traditional memory foam pillow and it can easily be fluffed up by hand or in the dryer with a few tennis balls. They are also machine washable once yearly per the Rep at the store of our original purchase. I’m excited to see them on GroupOn for such a great deal, I am purchasing more!

Considering they never happened BEFORE I got those pillows and haven’t happened SINCE I threw those pillows out… Yeah.

These pillows suck! Gave me a headache nearly every time I slept on it. Ditched these and went back to regular pillows.

I bought two about a year ago. Was plumped up so big, I took half the stuffing out of each. They are just ok, and probably good if you want a HUGE pillow!

I have similar pillows to these-- the ones I have are a shredded bamboo/ rayon blend. I LOVE them. But, if the room is cold, they can be hard. Once the room warms up, the pillows are nice and soft. If you like a firmer pillow, these are not for you. If you like a super soft fluffy pillow, make sure your room is warm before you dive into bed. If you like being on time to work… maybe get less comfortable pillows.

I bought two of these from HEB one day when they were selling them in store. They’re horrible. Way too firm for me

Having said that, I did see a better bamboo pillow in a mattress store. But this cover looks exactly like what I bought from HEB

Only the zippered cover is made from bamboo. The foam inside is shredded foam pieces (leftovers from trimming memory foam mattress toppers) and makes the pillow very lumpy and uneven.

My wife bought a couple of these a few weeks ago - and I love mine. It’s not lumpy in the least. Very smooth/consistent. It is very firm when you first lay down on it, but it softens up significantly very quickly after you lay on it a few minutes (I assume due to body heat?). I have dust/dust mite allergies, so I go through “normal” pillows pretty quickly. These should be much healthier in that respect.

You were probably allergic to the contents, especially if there was high humidity and there was mildew involved. You can’t get a middle ear infection (which would have been why you had a ruptured eardrum) from lying on something like a pillow. The eardrum blocks any microbes. But you can get an ear infection from allergic irritation of the eustachian tube that drains the middle ear. Hope you’re doing better.

Not satisfied with this brand. The pillow has a chemical smell to it; similar to the mattress pads that are made of petroleum. We won’t be using the pillow. We have bought bamboo pillows before. At a glance this one looks the same. I say pass on this product.

I have the same from Amazon. I don’t care for how thick it is but my spouse loves it. Very comfortable and cool and keeps its shape very well.

Air it out. Put it in front of a HEPA air filter for a month, and it’ll be fine. It’s absolutely worth the wait. I hate memory foam pillows and I wish I’d bought more than one of these.