Bamboo Origins Eco-Luxury Bamboo 4-Piece Sheet Set

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Bamboo Origins Eco-Luxury Bamboo 4-Piece Sheet Set
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Can you provide more specific info from the package or manuf on the % of bamboo used to make this.

News outlets and the FTC have warned consumers:

I mean… Did you even read the Woot posting?

Technically it’s Rayon derived from bamboo. Not actual bamboo itself.

That’s literally the first line


I am with the manufacturer and will be able to answer any questions you have.


Rayon defined as a man made fiber, this Rayon is manufactured from Bamboo.

The sheet is 100% rayon made from bamboo, these are not blended sheets. There are some sheets in the marketplace where the rayon is woven with cotton or even polyester. These are not, they are 100% rayon from bamboo.

I hope this helps.

I’m unsure of the brand I have, but years ago I received “bamboo sheets” as a Christmas gift. They are so light and soft.

If these are anything like those, it’s worth it.

How would the sheets fit on a Cali King bed?

They wouldn’t. The size is different from a king:

I would be so all over these if offered in a Cal-King. Bamboo Rayon is the softest thing ever.

Sorry, no Cal King in this deal. We will make a note of the demand for any future production.

Not as good of a deal as we thought if Wally-World has them for just $5 more (and free shipping or in-store pickup).

Rayon is synthesized from cellulose. When you hear “bamboo” referring to any fabric, it is really rayon, made from cellulose that was extracted from bamboo.

Years ago, some advertisers would call this “bamboo fiber” hoping to surf on some sort of “natural products” consumer interest wave -then the FTC put out a warning that this was considered deceptive advertising, and the fact that it was really rayon would have to be mentioned.

I recall dropping Woot a note once a few years ago when they were selling “bamboo sheets”, linking to the FTC press release - and they quickly adjusted the listing and from then on all similar listings were compliant. I’m proud of ya, Woot!

We LOVE these sheets. We have “real” bamboo sheets that cost 4 times as much and these are softer, lighter and more comfortable.
Wish I had bought an additional set.