Bamboo Over-The-Sink Cutting Board

did anyone get this in the previous woot? Any comments?

I was just looking for a new cutting board… this looks like something we’d definitely use! In for one.

Purchased one a couple weeks ago. it is a very thick and sturdy cutting board, and the collapsible colander is wonderful!

Purchasing a couple more to have on hand or gifts.

If this were $9.99, I’d get it. I don’t feel like this is a deal at that price.

I’d be in for this but it’s got just one review on Amazon(not that the review isn’t a tad sketchy):

I got this in a previous woot and it has already cracked from repeated use. I am guessing we should have oiled it appropriately? My assumption was that bamboo didn’t dry out like most, but this one did and has a huge crack from the shortest edge to the strainer. :frowning: we still use it though.

Amazon has a one-star review, saying it’s useful but the plastic is stinky.
Amazon stinky review

Also, it’s $46.48 over there.

Really like the idea, but my sink is inset below the counter so it wouldn’t sit right :(… Oh well guess I’ll have to stick with just regular cutting boards

Thanks for putting this up again! My wife was upset with me for not getting it when it was on here a couple weeks ago.

Half the material, twice the price… or is that just my imaginary lingerie.

Find me one like that, that goes all the way across the double sink and I’ll be all over that. Yet to find what I want.

I know it’s out there somewhere cause my mom used to have one ages ago.

Woot gods find me that cutting board.

Bah, I wanted red.

They must have had very limited green and red. I got stuck with orange and ordered pretty quick :frowning:

The Green one has one review for 5 stars.

I got one of these last time it was offered. I’ve only used it once, but it seems nice and sturdy and well-made. My only complaint is that it’s just too big to fit into my cabinet where I keep my other cutting boards. I had to move it to an upper shelf and put it in at kind of an angle, so I’m not real happy about that, though it’s not the manufacturer’s fault obviously. Maybe measure your storage space before buying, because these are BIG.

Someone commented on the stinky review, saying that theirs was not stinky.

I ordered one before and the colander did have a “new plastic” smell when I unboxed it. But after a few washings it went away.

The board fits over my sink nicely and works well. The only downside is that it’s almost as big as my sink so it’s kind of a pain to clean.

How does it fare in the dishwasher? Any errant smells since you’ve owned it?

You should never put a wood/bamboo board in the dishwasher. They will warp and crack. Always hand wash and dry, and when it gets dull looking use mineral oil on the board.

The colander collapes and fits very well in the dish washer and does not pick up any smells.