Bamboo Queen Sheet or Coverlet Set

Same price on Amazon with free shipping for Prime. Decent reviews, but not any better of a deal.

Why should I buy this? So I can be devoured by pandas in my sleep? Nice try, Woot.

These can’t be comfortable. I’ll keep my eyes open for a higher thread count in the clearance aisle at Macy’s.

250 count for this price? I could get 600+ count for this much at most local retail stores, which is generally far more comfortable. Am I missing something? Is bamboo some how so magical that it can be twice as good with half the thread count?

Not the best price. Even if it were King-size I wouldn’t buy it. I prefer cotton 1200 to 1600. Bamboo! I got Bamboo floors, spent a fortune and didn’t like them either. Tore them out and put down red oak again.

It’s newer so they think it is magical. I hated bamboo flooring.