Bamboo Queen Sheet Set

I heard bamboo isn’t comfortable. It’s all knotty, and it’s sticky inside. I’ll pass.

Between these sheets and the moscato on Wine.Woot this is effectively over. As a long time wooter and frequent buyer I would have to say this was the least exciting Woot ever!!!

I sure wish these were a bit cheaper. I just threw out my only set of bamboo sheets, my favorite sheets, because they had finally worn out. Bamboo is amazing!

Can it be true? 14% off list price?

It’s a sure sign that the end times are close at hand.

Bamboo cloth, is really just Rayon. Rayon is made from a source of cellulose, dissolved then spun into threads.

This just uses bamboo as the source of that cellulose.


FYI: Bamboo made from the rayon process loses all antibacterial properties.

Just like sleeping on the forest floor. (Woodsy feeling)

Oh, finally. Someone as anal about the misrepresentation of “bamboo” as me.


Because the fibers of bamboo are very short (less than 3mm), they are impossible to transform into yarn in a natural process.[27] The usual process by which textiles labeled as being made of bamboo are produced uses only the rayon, that is being made out of the fibers with heavy employment of chemicals. To accomplish this, the fibers are broken down with chemicals and extruded through mechanical spinnerets; the chemicals include lye, carbon disulfide and strong acids.[22] Retailers have sold both end products as “bamboo fabric” to cash in on bamboo’s current ecofriendly cachet; however, the Canadian Competition Bureau[28] and the US Federal Trade Commission,[29] as of mid-2009, are cracking down on the practice of labeling bamboo rayon as natural bamboo fabric. Under the guidelines of both agencies, these products must be labeled as rayon with the optional qualifier “from bamboo”.[29]

Taken from here.


Its the end of the WOOT off as we know it and I feel fine (REM)

Really? What a horrid deal. Only 250 thread count. Get the same sheets for half the price at BB&B store, with a 20% off coupon to boot!


Any links to more info on this? And does this apply to all bamboo linens?

Edited to add: Boy, you guys are fast!

I didn’t get past the $119 for 250 count sheets. Can really tell Woot is changing! :frowning:

Check out the specs here, on this product. They list it as “rayon from bamboo.”


Nice link !

14% off?! ok, woot. at first i was trying to be pragmatic about this open relationship between you, me, and amazon, but now you’ve started taking way too many liberties. 14% off list is not okay. you have clearly taken a side in what has become a lopsided love triangle.

I see part of this has already been answered, but products that label “bamboo-rayon” and “bamboo from rayon” are all following the same processing procedures.

$120 for 2, count’em 2 whole sheets, and 2 more pillow cases?

I’m aghast! (Still at 100%, though.)