Bamboo Tire Tracks Cover for iPhone 4/4S



what the what?

I hope that there aren’t too many of these lying around in ye olde warehouse…

This is off beat…

The specs read “iPhones and iPads should slide in easily” uhhh… iPad in that?

Also, I’m trying to convince my wife she wants a case that looks like it was run over.

iWurk? Or at least he did until he started selling things like this to foolish people for foolish prices, now he just sits back and laughs at foolish people. :wink:

Lists for $85?? Are they serious?

For the person that is willing to pay $650 for what an android did a year ago for <$200, this is a steal.

selling like hotcakes too. There is a sucker born…


It would have been even better if he had an iPhone in his hand LOL :wink: