Bambootiful Kitchen, For Any Acacia-sion

I’m kind of confused by the picture… it shows a silverware tray, but that’s not an option anywhere…

The picture is a close-up of the pieces from the 16-pc drawer organizer set. Some of the pieces are big enough for silverware. I would strongly recommend buying the set the next time it comes around. The set has really helped me organize the too-small drawers in my apartment’s kitchen.

It’s there but already sold out. Sorry.

The photoshop job on the Core Acacia 10954 Presentation Carving Board - 14" x 20" is cracking me up.

Also, the two chip&dip set deal was $40 back in May, so hooray for those of you who’ve waited for a lower price!

Would love to know where these are made ?? USA or China ??? Thanks !

They are already sold out of 16 piece Tray kit. I am doing several Kitchen draws due to sink flood and would have been great. Get us more Woot, please.

Agreed! LOL.

That is pretty classy. Vendor art for the win.