BAMTIME Toilet Paper, 12 or 24 Rolls

BAMTIME Toilet Paper, 12 or 24 Rolls

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I received a roll of this TP in a bag of crap. I have been wanting to move to a more sustainable toilet paper. I was impressed. Saw it was 37.99 on Amazon for 24 rolls, and stuck it in my “save for later” list.

Then, BAM…here it is. I ended up buying 3 boxes of 24. It is a great price for bamboo TP. Worth it to me.

But, I kind of feel like it is the summer of 2020

Where am I going to store all this TP in my dinky house??? :roll_eyes:


Under the bed?


jam packed lol.

My house is 700 square foot, it is an old 1905 farmhouse

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Folks this stuff right here is the Grey Poupon (lol get it) of TP. It is outstanding in every way shape or form. Highly recommend it all around. Bought 3 boxes of 24 last time woot had it, grabbing 3 of 24 more now. Grab it and see what I mean. Simple as that.

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yep, I have 3 coming as well.

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As someone who has been picky about TP the last 35 years on the big blue marble here, this stuff is the bee’s knees, the cat’s meow etc. I wish they would let me buy more than 3 boxes at a time.

@LindaGibson99 what exactly is so great?
It is not rough? It doesn’t break? It’s…what?
Asking for.a friend.

My boss was at our house for a dinner party and after using this toilet paper, she gave me a raise.

Wow that’s quite an endorsement

First off, it is sustainable, and it is not rough. I purchased a much more expensive brand that had high reviews ( ) and I am unimpressed.

This, even at the higher amazon prices ( ) is so much less expensive than the “betterway” brand, and softer yet absorbent and does not break apart easily PLUS it is septic friendly. I am just rather impressed.

Bamboo is just so much more eco-friendly. I live in the forest. I’d like to keep the trees here.
( What Is Toilet Paper Made Of? (Toilet Paper Ingredients) - HomelyVille )

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Just now I pulled out a roll each of the two bamboo brands I spoke of and did an actual side by side. I have to revise, the “betterway” brand is actually softer. The Bamtime has one rough and one soft side, I guess in case you really need to scrub. Lol but it isn’t enough of a difference to warrant the extra cost for me. I am plenty happy with bambam.

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@LindaGibson99 , you crack me up!

That is good to know. I’ve been looking into bamboo tissue for a bit. I’m thankful for your input!
The scrubbing rough side made me laugh so hard!!!

Edit: the friend I asked for will be thankful as well.

I got my three boxes the other day. Woohoo Woot! Best TP on the face of the big blue marble here. I only wish you would let me order more boxes of this instead of the 3 max per person. My mother ordered 3, my brother ordered 3 boxes, my nephew ordered 3 boxes. You got to keep bringing this deal back monthly simple as that! For those who haven’t tried it, they have no clue what they are missing out on the backside of this :wink:

So the big question is…

do you prefer the soft side or the rough side? :rofl:

Soft side of course :stuck_out_tongue:

My father-in-law has never really warmed up to me. He stayed at our house one night during the holidays and, after using this TP, he shook my hand and called me “son”.

Oh so you’re saying it’s really thin and should come with a pair of gloves? Got it.