Banal Obtuse Chatter

Banal Obtuse Chatter

Got mine last Friday.

Hint to those that still have not got one.

  1. Use the Woot App,
  2. Turn on notifications for WootOff and all other items for both smartphone and the app itself.
  3. Log into Woot with your regular account, not your linked Amazon
  4. Watch your phone, when the BOC pop up appears, click and buy.
  5. Good Luck!


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VOP when it was at 100% … sigh


I got a BOC on my birthday! Now I just have to sit and watch these pass me by… :eyes:


How much patience should I have?

VOP time!

look away for one second

in the VOP, not looking promising. I got one during the fun house on June 18…I think I am eligible, I guess I will find out!

I hope you score one today! :grinning::w_boc:


me too!

well, not that one anyway, sold out! poo

Was not currently for sale. Cruel.

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Drats! I got a Bindle on Children Friday now I can’t play :frowning:

Remember that you’re not the only one trying. You and a few hundred others hit the button at 100%.


VOP is an order queue that keeps our servers from crashing. A small number of orders go straight through and the rest will go into the queue to wait their turn.

It is possible to come out of the VOP and get a BOC. Do not exit to restart because that puts you at the end of the line.

If the VOP doesn’t kick you out after about 7-8 minutes, you should go ahead and exit.

I got this one!

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Should be a lot easier today since there was a lot on Friday.

Been using the app but always get the VOP and it never clears so clearly I dont get the BOC.

Was in the app it refreshed to BOC but like 24% was left, clicked buy and didn’t even get the VOP it went straight to the cart. Managed to get one but that was weird and I sure as heck ain’t complaining.

Hopefully, but many who got BOC :w_boc: in last month’s wootoff :w_light: are now eligible. So stay nimble and stay ready!

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Yeah, right.