Nana na nana na nana banana!


Banana! Minion! Love!


The comic’s question: To peel or not to peel.


Why can’t other shirts be offered in different colors, in the same sale?


Since my name is Jana, how could I possibly not buy this shirt?!


I just noticed! I love this! Keep it up Woot!

Edit: Ordered a men’s small lemon colored shirt. It seems appropriate for the banana theme. But I had to upgrade shipping to get it before Christmas. :frowning:


I like the color choices. I wish more shirts had that. Woot would have more of my money.


I am a banana.


This will look great with my fartblaster! Nice work Walmazan. Love it!


. . . Orange you glad walmazan said “Banana”?? . . .


Ba Ba Ba Banana! :smiley:


As my daughter would say, “Po-ta-to-o-o”:



Omg! Omg! Multicolor choice!


Love how you distilled DM down into a single graphic. Fun & clever.


It should be a Banana and a Potato! POTATTOOOO!!! Me and my kiddo sing it together all the time - LOL!

Pull the trigger!



Love the shirt! (and the Minions)

I agree about the multi-color options…there are many shirts that I would have loved to buy, but I don’t do white or black T-shirts, so I had to pass…


Definitely in for one in Royal blue!


In the write-up it mentions one the many banana uses as a boot.

Shouldn’t that be a slipper?