would be fantastic if i could get this in Kid’s sizes…


Pay me in ba na nas

So many designs I would buy for my daughter. So many yucky retail shirts that I have to buy instead.

There totally are kids sizes! Scroll down when you select your size. :slight_smile:

Holy crap! This is fantastic! Need more backstory!

When I read “Hurry! You’ve got 1 item in your cart, but the Woot mob is closing in! Check out before they grab your stuff!” I went D: D: D: and clicked Proceed To Checkout so fast that I sprained a hangnail.

Wish I could…it showed up in a feed somewhere as click bait. I don’t know more. :confused:

Great Wences- Silly fun!

First Day Sales: 1477

Why is there a picture of my one eyed banana on your shirt?

Check yer orders carefully. Mine arrived and were both the wrong size and the wrong colour!

Oh man, I’m sorry. Please send your situation and order info to, if you haven’t yet.

Noob question here. REALLY wanted to order this in a Kids’ 4, but it’s greyed out, even though it says Printed to Order. Any chance we could get this?

I’m sorry, we’re out of the actual blanks right now, when we get them back in, the option will return!

Don’t assume size x is really a size x. Ordered a 10 and it was closer to a small 8. Just wasted $. Doh

Did it arrive as sized per the sizing chart listed on the shirt page? If not, then it may have been mistagged; it happens.

(All bets are off if you’ve washed/dried it already.)