Bandolier of Carrots

In for one. Dare accepted. Photo to come.

YES i got one!

Ha Ha!!! In for one… can’t resist…

if it didn’t have “woot!” on the shirt i would’ve snagged one…


i am quite tempted, though i fear looking like a complete moron…

There’s nothing wrong with olive…

Popeye likes Olive.

It’s $10 with free shipping on both sites.

The first step is admitting you have a problem.
Now on to step 2…

My first woot! shirt.

apparently these shirts are really popular. (yes, I bought one) It took almost 5 minutes to come up with a receipt.

I could never wear this in public, and this is coming from someone who bought the Mr. Spork shirt.

Who Cares?

Finally! At last! The Bandolier of Carrots! Thank you WOOT!

IM IN FOR 3 these are awesome… and who says this isnt really a 30$ bag of crap?

In 4 one! I will wear this until a fellow wooter recognizes me! You better say “Hi” if you see me!

Bought it! This is a brilliant idea. Too bad the shirt color is sooooo ugly. But it’s still worth it. I’m thinking of having it framed to hang in my office. Think the woot staff would sign these before shipping them? What a collector item that would be!!!

ok. As soon as it is delievered.

Dam i bought 3 of these things, ill be wearing them for 3 weeks streight!!

Mine’ll do just fine for the gym. :smiley:

Done and done! I will rock this shirt as often as it is clean… and maybe sometimes when its not!