Bandolier on Chewie ? Bag Stress Ball

After countless unsuccessful attempts at purchasing a BOC, at least my next attempt I can squeeze a BOC stress ball when I’m a half second too slow.

I was so excited :frowning:

Took me an inordinate amount of time to realize that this was a “BOC Shaped” stress ball.

THESE also make great gifts… or for yourself while a WOOT-OFF is going on!

Woohoo score Bag of crap

Based on the sales stats, can’t help but think there will be some disappointed Wooter outrage soon. :slight_smile:


Agreed. By the time I get clicking, it’s always gone.

I ordered one right as I was getting up at like 5:30 am, before my reading comprehension skills were up to snuff. Oh well.

Dang, dude. We did all that we could to make it obvious.

I wonder if this is a Be-Oh-Cee ???

with the weather on the east coast these last 3 weeks, I could sure use a few of these! If I don’t like 'em, stocking stuffers or off to teacher friends of mine!

So TT you’re saying IF I buy this it won’t come with a speaker dock also? :frowning:

It might. But it will actually be a stress ball shaped like a speaker dock.

“Dang, dude. We did all that we could to make it obvious.”

So why did you put a picture of a bag with a question mark unless the real intention was to cause confusion and excitement and make a few extra sales.

Cheesy Woot Cheesy.

Because it’s a woot icon?

You want some speaker docks? I have speaker docks?

UPDATE: I mean DSi Docks

I’ll take a speaker dock too…if you are offering :smiley: