Bandolier on Chewie ? Bag Stress Ball

Heh, sorry. I misspoke. They’re DSI docks.


Haha, just wait till the next one is a BOC marble lawn ornament. Valued at $999, and all the people who insta-buy it thinking its a BOC.

More likely: refurbished dirty socks (and not even a matching pair.)

Is this stress ball compatible with left hands?

Remindes me of the time woot ran a BOC christmas card edition or something like that. There was a lot of backlash on the forums that day.

This is one expensive ass stress ball… $9 after s&h… I feel like I got scammed. Oh well it is for a great cause! WOOT4LYFE!

Now that is what we call a ‘D— move’

My heart rate quickened momentarily when I thought this was for an actual BOC. I read the description again and saw that it was a stress ball BOC. It’s the closest I’ll probably ever get to a BOC after 8 years failed attempts. I can’t wait to take out my frustrations on my new BOC stress ball!

Can you cut me a break and send me a coffee pot or something?