Bang & Olufsen H8 Wireless Headphone

Are these refurbished by a 3rd party or B&O?

Certified Refurbished means refurbished by the manufacturer or someone they designate.

These are B&O refurbished with a B&O warranty. :slight_smile:

Same price on

I have the wired version (quite likely very similar) and they are outstanding. Very classy product, comfortable, extremely well designed and made. I would not hesitate it you want wireless.

Welp, this was disappointing.

After taxes and shipping costs (which according to a banner ad I saw were supposed to be free), this “deal” was and still is the same price on Amazon - $250. Feel pretty cheated there.

Then, I found out the headphones I got were actually faulty after burning a couple hours on the phone w/ B&O tech support. I’ll be returning these. What a huge waste of time… Unlikely I return to Woot anytime soon.

Hi there. You ordered on 2/16. The prime benefits didn’t start until 2/19. I see you are linked for future orders though.