Bankdddsy on Canvvvvas :)

Ffs. App crashed and I’m not in office. It popped up sold out. 2/2 fails so far.

never had this much of an issue **** my work internet and **** woot!


minions yay small

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Seem to be few and far between today! Argh!

I really don’t know how I got one (or not). Went VOP, went to login, said it was yanked. Tried again in desperation (40% left), clicked like crazy, said all of the below “it’s not on sale now”, “I can’t get one due to the 31 day rule”, and “sold out”. Somewhere in the madness it must have bequeathed one to me. Shows in my recent order list, so I guess it’s legit.

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Yippy, got one!

I keep the Deal Chatter/Woot Off page open and have only New selected. Will show up there before anywhere else.

  1. Watch the forums instead.
  2. Quick trigger fingers and fast typing in case you’re logged out.
  3. Luck.

I sit on the Woot forums and wait for it to pop up here. Waiting for the page to update is nothing but pain and failure for me.

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Hope is the only strategy. Hope and a stiff drink at the end of the woot off.

Even if you get it, you will be disappointed. But one year I got this and it was all worth it:



My suggestion is to use the forums.

They wait until it pops up with a 1 new or updated topic. Then click that. If the new thing looks like a title for a BOC click on it and then click on the link inside the post.

Once I started doing that instead of just F5ing the clearance page I started getting wonderful BOCs.


My strategy was…

  1. Got distracted browsing Amazon.
  2. Remembered that BOC was upcoming so clicked back to Woot.
  3. Luck that BOC was up and I was still logged in.

Here is how you better your chances of scoring a BOC

  1. Logout/Logon every so often with your Woot account, not with Amazon

  2. Log into the Forum

  3. Sort by Deal Chatter > Woot Off > Latest, watch for New Topic Update, then click away.

  4. DO NOT be tempted to F5, if you do, ALT F4, and uninstall your Operating System

@hegwoodski @ThunderThighs

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FWIW, I knew it coming next and I was on that sale like a fly on shit and it was sold out as soon as I clicked.

I wanted a screen shot of the VOP on the app.

Feel free to help me out y’all.


I’m not even getting to the voip

Funny, I almost took a screenshot too. Next one I will. :+1:

Me too. Though I didn’t have New only selected.

Thanks. Someone said that it wasn’t formatted correctly on the app. I wanted to see it if’s still doing it.

Seemed ok to me, but will check.

Sweet. Could have been part of this morning’s fiascos.