Banker or Canker

Banker or Canker

Got it!

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Got one.
Been a while since I tried. Random, perfect timing for once. Not even VOP’d. Neat!

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Did you at least get this one?

OMG, My first BOC. I’m so excited lol

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Lol. Don’t be.

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I know im just excited to be a part of things

Seriously. Manage those expectations!

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Ok got 1st thing in the morning. Now I don’t have to worry the rest if the day and can look at some of the deals.

I’m 0 for like 14 now. Have to actually be a boss and train one of my new employees today so I don’t feel good things.

Got one!

wtf…didn’t even get a notification for this item. all the other ones so far but not this. lame-0

This wasn’t a Woot Off listing.

(Unless you meant notifications for ALL Woot listings.)

It was in the Prime Store:

Will there be bocs in wootoff or only through prime deals? I’ve been away for about a month, I’m lost and it’s 6am and need the coffee…


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Missed it however this might be as close as I’ve ever been.

Any more prime store BOC coming? They have all been woot off since woot off began BOC drops.