Bankrupt Oval Cephalopods

Bankrupt Oval Cephalopods

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Enjoy everybody’s favorite gif:

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Holy Buckets of Croutons!

I actually got one!

I clicked for the ligthning cable and it sold out just as I clicked, so I managed to snag it instantly. First BOC in over a decade!



Welcome To The Vestibule Of Patience X10 today!!!


Got one!

I don’t know why I bother. I always end up in the vestibule. Doesn’t matter what % the bar is at. i’ve tried at 99%. so frustrating.


I think there may finally be enough BOC’s for everyone!

I got one through the app. Amazing!

vestibule x 8

I keep on waiting (waiting) waiting on the page to change

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WOOHOO BOC on it’s way to me! Yay I win? Wait, what? WHY DID I BUY THIS?


There will still be more tomorrow!


Finally beat the VOP! (Only took 9-ish hours but who’s counting)

I even had to log in and didn’t get the vestibule

Holy farts I finally got one.

How long do you wait in the vestibule before you give up?

5-7 minutes

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Are there special bday bags today as well? similar to the 50$ ones from last year?