Banksy Prints Not Actually from Banksy!

What’s hanging in your living room?

pictures of my kids and a clock hang in my living room.

Banksy is good, but I’m more of a fan of King Robbo. ducks heh

Banksy would approve of you sending all of the prints to me for free. I think we should honor his wishes.

In all seriousness, I may go for one of these. You sadly aren’t offering the one I would buy without a second thought.

Sorry woot. I can’t purchase this. have fun.

Is it moral outrage? Personal taste? Credit card spending limit?

Probably because some of the artwork listed his canvas was the apartheid wall in Palestine.

Thanks Woot!

Smaller prints available here:

Cheaper for those who think that the woot ones are more expensive :smiley:

edit: Also has more choices!

Anyone who recognizes these in your home will hate you for having bought one.

Keep calm everyone…This is great stuff!

+1 for moral outrage.

i was buying grey market banksy prints before it was popular.

Right, should have 3 (at least)…

Too true. Has to be the most ironic thing I’ve seen on woot.

Pretty pathetic that woot would support selling these.

Never posted here, although I’ve been a regular visitor for a while. Just had to say, Really Woot?. Really?

I guess it’s official, Woot will literally sell absolutely anything now. No standards at all anymore.

Luckily you signed up for an account today to let us know!

It’d expect to see Mr. Brainwash on here before gray market Banksy.

This is precisely why I am considering buying one. Free Palestine!

Guys should watch exit through the gift related its not even funny