Banning BuckyBalls?!?


Did anyone see that the CPSC is banning the sale of BuckyBalls? Citing that children are swallowing them. They are not a children’s toy!


I was just about to post the same.

Seems extreme.

I get that they impose a major safety hazard to kids, but so do a jillion other things that may look like food in a little one’s eyes.

As an adult with no children (and none welcome in my home - which friends know is not and will not be child-proofed), shouldn’t I be allowed to bathe in BuckyBalls if I want to.

(Side note: I never really felt the need to buy a set, but now I really want some!)


I also noticed that Amazon has pulled them from their site. Wonder if we can expect to see any today - or in the BOCs.


Interesting perspective on this situation here…


I think at some point parents need to be held responsible for caring for their children. These are NOT a toy for kids and are clearly marked as such. I have multiple sets of these and they are awesome. I have also given away many as gifts.

In addition, I have had them around my now 5 year old niece for 3 or 4 years since I purchased my first set. I simply told her that they were not something she should be playing with on her own and let her see them when I was supervising.

I’m not sure why companies are continuously being punished for the stupidity of parents.
Shakes my head


All the “Save our Snowflakes” organizations rejoice over this earth-shattering accomplishment.

However, guns and ammunition, responsible for far more children’s injuries and deaths are still available pretty much anywhere.

In other news a vigorous black market trade in rare earth magnets has sprung up along the border, piquing the interest of organized crime and spurring numerous Federal agencies to create anti-BuckyBall task forces.


I’ll suggest United Nuclear for future magnet needs.

Clearly these aren’t toys, but scientific research equipment; and if magnets are outlawed they still sell DIY Death Ray parts (and accompanying T-Shirts)


Just got a set of pink and a set of silver off of ebay. Probably like many others, I have been wanting some, but they were never at the top of my list of things to buy. Now that they’ve been banned, I had to get some, of course!


Better ban swimming pools. Way more child deaths from those than any magnets


They have a diy death ray? Kewl! I want!!


These things made me nervous every time they were sold.

Office toy, ok.

House with pets and kids…maybe not.

Notice they talk about teenagers, so I’m guessing booze and bucky balls was not a good idea.


I think dname has discovered the real reason for the ban!


That’s silly talk!
We all know that you need to be 21 years old and over to drink alcohol!


oh, I just think such a little muistake as swallowing two little, brightly colored (or not) magnetic toys shouldn’t leave you with a decent chance for systemic sepsis, probable abdominal surgery, resection of your intestines, etc.


Would that look anything like your bird picture?


Is this broken?


A little note for folks who don’t travel to deals (which is fine!) - we stopped accepting deals listings for these.

To quote the great jumbowoot:
“We will no longer accept offerings for buckyballs or similar items.
We will be removing all current posts for these items.”

Just a note, any links to “deals” or sales on these items will also be removed from the thread.

Thanks for understanding.