Pay no attention to what’s beneath the blanket…


Considering the line-of-sight from the suns to the characters in the foreground, their shadows make no sense.

what happened to no Star Wars?

The tail looks like a glove.

Looks a lot like Alot.

Well, how about that…

… and yet again, the obligatory link to the current shirt is NOT in the artist’s bio.

Questionable Table of Elements

This reminds me of a joke:

Who’s there?
Bantha who?
Bantha no Banth, I’m going swimming.

Hmmm, it works a lot better with the original panther.

Tatooine’s a big planet, long trip. Hope he didn’t forget to pachyderm.

Is it safe for an elephant to be under that costume with dual suns raining down heat?

ha! cute, as the apelads always are. Also sneakily funny.

I have no American money, but to woot I’m sure my Republic credits will be fine…

gestures across the air with his hand

Ok, this made me laugh more than I have at any shirt in a long time! Nice touch with the two suns as well. Apelad, you’ve definitely made my top five woot artists list after this one. IMO, no one can consistently pull off a joke shirt so well.

The force is strong with this shirt.

I’m sure this joke has never been used. No. Really.

I remember being a kid and going to Marine World (when it was still in the San Francisco bay area) and being amazed at the Bantha costume they had on display… it was worn by one of their elephants in Star Wars.

I want to mention what an excellent choice it was to put this design on a creme t-shirt. It really makes the whole image work better and, in essence, Apelad has turned the entire shirt into the Tatooine desert.

This is a daily shirt picked by the staff it doesn’t have to follow the derby rules. =D

They’ve put a funny shaped blanket over the elephant in the room. Quick, ignore it and maybe it’ll go away!