BaoFeng 8W Tri-Power Ham Two-way Radio Transceiver

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BaoFeng 8W Tri-Power Ham Two-way Radio Transceiver
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Uh, is a FCC license required to use this thing, especially if you transmit with it?

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Depending on the frequencies , yes.

Yes, it requires an FCC license to transmit on the Amateur Radio frequencies. Also, this model is the only Baofeng radio that is actually type-accepted (Part 90) for use on some other frequencies…most of their models are not FCC accepted for use on any frequencies other than ham radio. Decent reviews, but check first to insure that it is legal for use on the band you want to use it on.

It definitely requires at least an Amateur Radio License.

My Two Cents: Yes. There are 3 classes. This particular one will even give you FM receive only. For more info about ham radio licensing, look here:

If your not interested in Ham Radio, these could be used for MURS Radio, which is 151-154 MHz. Also you could also use it to listen to your local Public Safety agencies, is a good source to find your local frequencies

This is about the usual price for a UV-5R, which puts out a lot less power.

Holy irresponsible sale batman!

As a licensed ham myself I’m more than a little concerned about Woot selling this with no disclaimer.


I believe that every range that this transmits in is spectrum which one needs to be licensed for (or be operating a specific type of vehicle):[list]
[] 136-138 MHz is for Satellite, Maritime, and Aircraft use only
] 144-148 MHz is for people who are HAM licensed only
[*] 420-450 MHz is for people who are HAM licensed only
Look through the charts on the FCC website for the rest:

Aiyaya! I hope this gets pulled from the website! It’s bad enough that BaoFeng sells on Amazon without warning…

Staff: could you at least put up a banner telling people that they can’t just use these like super-powered walkie-talkies? There are quite strict legal limitations on the use of these devices!

This radio does operate in the ham range, so a license is required for those frequencies. I bought this on amazon about a year ago for nearly double, and that was a deal. Very good build quality and simple to program with chirp. Google it, it’s super easy. You will need a programming cable, but they are like 5 bucks on amazon. It’s cool to be able to listen to the fm radio, then it automatically switches when you get a call. I programmed frs and gmrs so it is compatible with friends radios (not totally legal, but keep the power down to 1 watt, and you will be fine. I also have the helmet headset ($20.00 amazon) and can talk to my buddies in their sand cars and other moyorcycles. You can listen to all the race radios from Baja racing to nascar. About the only thing it doesn’t do, is get aviation frequencies. I have even talked to my friend on his marine channels. Oh yeah, forgot to mention using repeaters. That is super cool too. With the different repeater networks available, you can chat seriously long distances. I guess I sm a fan.

Reviews over at Amazon

I highly doubt that these radios are Part 95 certified, so they cannot be used in the MURS bands.
Yes, you can use these radios to listen to any frequency that it covers. Just make sure you program them as receive only unless you have an FCC license to transmit.

The fines that the FCC will levy are no joke either. They take it very seriously.

You probably don’t want to be posting about how you’re using a radio in a manner you’re not legally allowed to! Especially now that your post is on the front page.

“It’s fine if you do it in a way where you’re not likely to get caught” is not a good strategy. You cannot know what the people who are using those frequencies are using it for. Even the amateur bands are used for emergency coordination when a natural disaster happens:

Please, please, please don’t buy and use this radio illegally.

If you purchase one of these go the next step and pursue a license also! Lots of prepers are taking this route. When all else fails ham radio will get through!

For those of you who are licensed Amateur Radio Operators, I have a couple of the BaoFeng UV-5R’s and they are good little radios. They are lower power than these but I have no problem getting into 2 meter repeaters 45 miles away from my house on just the supplied antenna. Also make a great FRS radio. They are built very tough. We use them around the farm, they get dusty dirty, dropped, rained on and they still work. Wouldn’t want to treat a Kenwood or Icom radio like that with as much as they cost for a radio with similar or less capabilities.
The programming cable is a must with these radios…makes setup very easy.
Can’t pass up this price getting three of these.

Understatement! Browse through the FCC enforcement actions and take note of the proposed fines. They are often five digits long!

These radios are ILLEGAL TO SELL IN THE U.S.
They transmit on GRMS with a 10key, that’s a HUGE NONO

These radios are GARBAGE