BaoFeng UV-5R EX 5W Dual Band Two Way Radio Long Range

BaoFeng UV-5R EX 5W Dual Band Two Way Radio Long Range

Woot, I think you are monitoring my purchases. You always wait until I buy something from the mothership and then you list either the same thing for less or something a little better for the same price :stuck_out_tongue:

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deus est mediocris fabula

I was hoping from some HAM ops to jump on here and give us their 2 cents.

But I will save them some time.

  1. PLEASE people, get your GMRS operator lic. It’s worth it if you get busted with one of these radios.
  2. Use CHIRP to program these so make sure you get a programming cable and set these up. Lots of “temp plates” out there for different situations.
  3. Remember. Most of these radios do not meet FCC specifications where as they bleed (harmonics) on other channels sometimes. You might want to watch youtube for some hints to avoid this as much as possible)
  4. These are great for GO BAGS. I’ve found after a charge, the battery will still keep over 80% of battery life up to a year.
  5. They are “ok” for being a scanner but they step one freq at a time, are not fast in other words, unlike a bearcat scanner.

These are a good deal. Decent radios for the price and if you DO get your ham lic, you can with the controlling stations blessing, hit repeaters from time to time but again, these radios do not have the best rep for coloring between the lines (staying within the carrier you are tuned too).


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Tantum ne putes

Are these legit? There are a LOT of fakes on Amazon. As far as I know, the only authorized seller and the one you should trust is BTech. (I don’t see this radio anywhere on their website, even in discontinued models)

Looks like the 5 pack comes with the programming cable but the single UV-5R EX does not?


@Woot, What’s up with allowing me to add this radio to cart but then not allow me to place the order?

The ones I ordered from Amazon look legit. How do you tell the fakes from the real? And why would anyone bother counterfeiting a $20 radio?

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That only covers a small portion of the bands on which these transmit. To make full use of these radios, you need at least a Technician Class Ham License.

Just out of curiosity, I know that the antennas that come with these are not the best. Any ham here know what would be a good antenna to get that would ensure the maximum handheld to handheld range without relying on a repeater?

Here’s some info on fake Baofeng’s.,%20Alibaba,%20Wish,%20and%20other%20webstores

That relates to the BF-F8HP, though, not the UV-5Rs.

I specifically said GMRS for a reason. If I wanted to suggest getting a bonified HAM LIC, I would have suggested doing so, which costs more to obtain. But you do not need a lic to operate on VHF/FM marine band, or FRS or MURS. But IMO, once the FCC dropped CW as a requirement, they might as well just give them out for free. Apperenly if you buy a Midland mxt400 that has built in repeater freqs and no HAM lic required. GMRS is all you need.

Well, excuse me… And umm… no. It doesn’t. It costs $70 to get GMRS license whereas it costs about $15 to take the test for the ham license. Now of course, it does take a bit of knowledge to get a ham license - where you take a test - versus a GMRS license - where they will sell just anybody with the fee one.

Why? You still have to take a test to prove your electronics knowledge. So you don’t have learn a new language anymore. Some people, some of the best technicians I’ve ever known, can pass the electronics test with both eyes tied behind their back, but they couldn’t get the morse code. Why should someone have to know morse code to talk on a radio?

I get the feeling you’re one of those “elite” hams who think they’re better than everybody else - especially those redneck CBers. Kind of like the Harley bikers. And I ain’t got no use for either type. You have a good day…


Yet, you won’t find this radio anywhere other than Amazon, sold by Radioddity.

Strange that it’s listed as an upgrade to the UV-5R, but not on their official site?

I posted the link above to illustrate that there are a lot of fake Baoefeng radios. Buy the thing if you insist, but I recommend people do their research to avoid buying fake products which Amazon is a clearinghouse for.

What is with people tonight? I was not insisting on anything. I was trying to educate myself. I thought that since you knew about the fake radios and I didn’t, I’d ask what you knew about it. That’s how people do things in the real world…

But in the same, BF-F8HP could only be found only on BTech’s website and its Amazon store. UV-5REX can be found on Radioddity’s website and its Amazon store, too.
I believe that Radioddity is one of the distributors of BAOFENG, just like BTech. And these two models are customized models that can be sold only by BTECH / Radioddity.