Baofeng UV-5RTP 8W Radio

Baofeng UV-5RTP 8W Radio

According to this site ( both of the radios are fake. I bought one anyway. We’ll see

And I am unable to find either model on Baofeng’s web site!!!

Thank you, Woot, for getting the disclaimer about requiring an Amateur Radio license correct this time. Please continue to do this.

Regarding whether these are real or fake, it boggles the mind that anyone would even want to copy the Baofeng brand. The legitimate brand is still at the bottom of the barrel of things you would want to use on the air. Wouxun is a better brand, but still a great step down from Yaesu, Icom, and Kenwood. You will probably be able to hit your local repeater with these, you simply run the risk of interfering with others and receiving interference a better model would not. And the overall lifetime of these units can be limited due to inferior components. All electrolytic capacitors have a finite lifetime regardless of the brand. The difference here is that these ones might remain in spec for a few years, while 10 and even 20 years is not unusual for better quality equipment. Ultimately, you have to go over the PCB with an ESR meter to see how far out of spec the electrolytic capacitors get as a result of age. “Recapping” old equipment is common.


So you think which is the Baofeng website? They’re just one of the American distributors of Baofeng.
There’s a lot of exclusive models of Baofeng brand, BF-F8HP is one, too. Have you seen any other sellers that selling F8HP on the market? Only Baofengtech.You see it just because it’s a popular exclusive model in US, so as you think its seller would be an official website.
Is this exactly a fake model? Call the factory and you’ll see.

The official website is, which symbolizes the Baofeng factory. You can contact the support to verify this. UV-5RTP could be found there, too.

On the other hand, please kindly know Baofengtech is one of the distribution partners. It’s not said that baofengtech is the official Baofeng website.

Wanted to clear this up. Our vendor is an authorized Baofeng Distributor. These are not fake.

Also note that Baofeng has a number of distributors and OEM models which confuses the marketplace.

Regardless, ours are authentic.