BaoFeng UV-82 Two-Way Radio 2 Pack

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BaoFeng UV-82 Two-Way Radio 2 Pack
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One of the most popular hand sets, good price.

Before anyone says you can get these cheaper elsewhere, remember that these include the accessories where $20 ones do not.

**(2) BaoFeng UV-82
(2) 1800mAh Battery
(2) Antenna
(2) Power Adapter
(2) Earpiece
(2) Belt Clip
(2) Hand Strap
(2) Battery Charger
(2) User Manual

Here is a critical review:

Why people hate people who buy these:

The features sections talks a bout programming the channels from a PC, but from what I can see this does not include a programming cable. Is one included or do you have to buy it separately? I’ve heard these radios can be difficult to program manually, especially for repeater channels. Does anyone have experience programming them?

I believe it’s sold separately. I believe this is the cord, may want to check it out and read the reviews to find answers to your questions.

Hubby has two of these for SAR use. He has been happy with them as they are durable and he was able to easily program the needed channels. I am getting a couple to use as a scanner.

Quick addition to the disclaimer on this sale: you actually can’t legally transmit using this radio AT ALL if you are not FCC licensed as an amateur!

Though these radios are capable of transmitting and receiving on FRS and MURS frequencies, these devices are not “type-accepted”, so you cannot use them on FRS or MURS bands. Even though those bands are for unlicensed users, these devices are not! This Reddit wiki page has a nice little paragraph about it.

If you are ham though, these are reasonable intro radios that won’t break the bank. I have some of the Baofeng BF-F9V2+ radios which I use when I’m going somewhere and just need a cheap radio I don’t mind getting tossed around/broken.

List of frequencies this radio shouldn’t transmit on:

151.715-BFG Relay
154.980-Baja Pits
151.505-Checkers Vegas
153.395-BFG Pits
153.380-Mag 7
155.160-National Rescue
152.510-Sand Limo
154.515-PCI Relay
151.775-Locos Mocos
151.010-C and C
152.285-S and G 1
153.185-S and G 2
152.505-Trick Racing
154.980-Baja Pits #1
153.395-BFG Pits
151.715-BFG Relay
151.775-Chapala Dusters
151.925-Checkers #1
151.505-Checkers #2
151.775-Locos Mocos
152.960-Los Campeones
153.380-Mag 7 #1
150.830-Mag 7 #2
157.895-Mikes Sky Ranch
154.515-PCI Relay
158.655-Pro Pit
151.805-Red X Relay #1
157.470-Red X Relay #2
151.955-Score #1
151.490-Score Medical
155.160-Search & Rescue
162.400-Weather 1
162.425-Weather 2
162.450-Weather 3
162.475-Weather 4
162.500-Weather 5
162.525-Weather 6
162.550-Weather 7
462.5625 FRS/GMRS 1
462.5875 FRS/GMRS 2
462.6125 FRS/GMRS 3
462.6375 FRS/GMRS 4
462.6625 FRS/GMRS 5
462.6875 FRS/GMRS 6
462.7125 FRS/GMRS 7
467.5625 FRS/GMRS 8
467.5875 FRS/GMRS 9
467.6125 FRS/GMRS 10
467.6375 FRS/GMRS 11
467.6625 FRS/GMRS 12
467.6875 FRS/GMRS 13
467.7125 FRS/GMRS 14
462.5500 FRS/GMRS 15
462.5750 FRS/GMRS 16
462.6000 FRS/GMRS 17
462.6250 FRS/GMRS 18
462.6500 FRS/GMRS 19
462.6750 FRS/GMRS 20
462.7000 FRS/GMRS 21
462.7250 FRS/GMRS 22
467.5500 - GMRS RPT15
467.5750 - GMRS RPT16
467.6000 - GMRS RPT17
467.6250 - GMRS RPT18
467.6500 - GMRS RPT19
467.6750 - GMRS RPT20
467.7000 - GMRS PRT21
467.7250 - GMRS RPT22

Here’s a simpler list for those without an OM license: 136-174 MHz and 400-520MHz.

Thank you Woot! for sending me on a tailspin of emergency prepping searches and videos today. For anyone interested in these radios and emergency prepping, Hoshnasi on Youtube has a ton of videos. This one in particular covers why some people don’t like these radios, it’s worth a watch…

I have this particular model sitting on my office desk and have it set to my local volunteer fire department frequency, so when something is going on, I have a quick method of finding out some details.

I have 3 different BaoFeng radios and this is my favorite model. The antenna is superior to the one that are supplied with the UV-5R variants.

Also on a side note any channel that a Public Safety agency uses in these ranges(or any other freq. ranges) are off limits to transmitting, just receiving

I built a programming cable from a FTDI USB-to-UART cable that I already owned and 3.5mm and 2.5mm phone plugs. You can probably get the entire assembly for the cost of the FTDI cable. You can use a free application called CHIRP to program it. The application is user friendly with an interface similar to filling in a spreadsheet.

Related to some other discussions about just using this as a receiver, can you program a channel in Chirp to be receive only with no capability to transmit?

When programming on channels you are not authorized set “SIMPLEX” to OFF. This will eliminate accidentally transmitting on those frequencies.

Yes you can. I do that for the NOAA weather radio channels so that I do not accidentally transmit.

Question about the licensing for these.
If you only want to use the FRS/GMRS frequencies, can you obtain a GMRS license and use that with these units?

It would be nice to have these for use on road trips with extended family while also provided the ability to use them as scanners for other frequencies.

I have the uv82hp and se it up with laptop the first time but read and study the manual no hard to program without computer. In VFO mode, put frequency(say 145.210) go to menu select step (2.5) go back o frequecy key mike plus/minus for TX freq. up or down move step up till reach right TX freq. go set ctcss tone set power save to memory.
Read manual to find the way to enter or delete and save all. Hope this gives general idea to help.

Got this cable from the mothership:

I used CHIRP software, it’s free:

You only need a lic for GMRS (and a more thorough cert for HAM/Repeater use) FRS/MURS require no lic. Also, the “marine band” of freq’s (like 156.8mhz, ch 16 vhf/fm) does not require a lic but you SHOULD and it’s RECOMMENDED if you have to use this on a PWC, do so for emergencies only. The radio is still frowned upon by the fcc. They don’t put much faith in china’s radio electronics and though the radio is is approved by the FCC as a HAM radio from what I’ve read on forums, it does not have a FCC id and isn’t legal to use it on FRS/GMRS/MURS channels. Rather you spend $400 or 40 for a radio, you still should get your papers to prove you are “worthy” to key your handset. :wink: