Barcelona Wicker Rocking Chair, Espresso

**Item: **Barcelona Wicker Rocking Chair, Espresso
Price: $189.99
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Condition: New

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Compare at over Twice The Price at HomeDepot and Wayfair

Are you kidding me? And, people are buying it!

and then there’s the $85 candles. can’t pass those up.

$378 with free shipping is NOT “over twice the price” of $195.

God, this this was tough to put together! I’m not even kidding, the hardest part was slipping the headrest cushion on. It’s like a half size too small; at least it wont be sliding off anytime soon.

Be aware; when assembling the bottom half that, for my chair anyways, you need to do a bit of muscling to get the second side to meet the first.

Also, be sure to check all holes before assembling, some of them on mine were clogged around the edges, resulting in me having to scrape the holes so they allowed the screws in.

All in all, around 90 minutes to assemble.

After all was assembled though, the rocker is very very comfy, and seems that it will last a long long time!