Barf Out Candycorn

See what?

Whoohooo! Scored one!
Went immediately to the VOP, refreshed numerous times. Went out and back in, again to the VOP, kept refreshing and before I knew it I hit Place Order😀
In my experience (this is my 11th bag of crap) I have never seen any rhyme or reason as to staying in the VOP or going out and back in… There were times I was stuck in the VOP, and when I went out and back in got one before getting put into the VOP.
Go figure :thinking::heart:


Happy anniversary ! :wink:

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My comment was only funny if you use dark mode.


Just an idea, a lot of us like to donate what we don’t want rather than give it to the wasteful garbage monster… JMHO

:crossed_fingers: Hopefully you’ll get the next one. I’m crossing my fingers too.

Congratulations, so persistence maybe? :thinking: