Bargetto Winery Mixed Red - 4 Pack

Bargetto Winery Mixed Red - 4 Pack
$52.99 + $5 shipping
1 2008 Santa Cruz Mountains Merlot
1 2008 Central Coast Merlot
1 2009 Santa Cruz Mountains Syrah
1 2009 ‘Old Vine’ Zinfandel
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All the ph#s look good and the alcohol% looks interesting. Can someone tell me what these are like?

I guess I’m the only one awake. Price wise this looks to be a pretty good deal.
$25 and $15 for each of the merlots, and $24 for the syrah as well as $18 for the zin. If my math is right this late it adds up to $84 stones. Not too bad of a discount.

I believe that’s 82. but yeah that’s a pretty decent discount.

I live in Santa Cruz, me and my wife love Bargetto wines!

Of the four wines the ‘Old Vine’ Zinfandel is my favorite.

Wife left her crdit card , Why not?
I’m in :slight_smile:

I live in Florida and am part of their quarterly club. They have fabulous wines at reasonable prices. You will be hooked once you give them a try!

My wife and I used to be in their wine club, but found that the money was better spent on wine.woots than the club.

Ya I was a little punchy that late at night.

Is this good wine?

9/4/08 has some lengthy reviews to help you decide!

The 2008 Santa Cruz Mountains Merlot is $24.

The 2008 Central Coast Merlot is less than $15 online.

The 2009 ‘Old Vine’ Zinfandel is $18.

Th 2009 Santa Cruz Mountains Syrah I can’t find anything on. The 2008 is $25.

Since these are all without shipping, it seems like a solid deal, but I haven’t been able to find reviews on the specific wines. I might skip it just because information is so hard to find. Have to save room for stuff I know is good.

This is a great variety pack from the Santa Cruz Mountains. It is a cool climate region so you get a lot of fruit on both the Merlots and the Syrah. The Syrah is bold with earthy, spicy notes. The Zin is an old vine zin, very consistent, a little cherry on the nose and a lot of spice!

If you skip it you will kick yourself. The Syrah and Zin are both really solid wines and will pair well with any dish, as well as on its own. The Merlots are a great showcase of a cool climate wine.

These are great wines! Both Merlot’s have won silvers one at the Santa Cruz Mountains Wine Competition, the other at the Central Coast Wine Competition.
The Syrah won a gold at the California State Fair this year. The Zin is just a great old vine Zin, not too high in alcohol and easily sipped on it’s own.

Gotta love when that happens!

The one thing that moonshiners and preachers agree on! No legalized liquor in Tennessee! Bah Humbug!!!

No rats for this Friday offering?

All kinds of crickets …