Bargetto Winery White Quartet



Bargetto Winery White Quartet
$47.99 + $7.00 shipping
condition: White
product(s): 2 Bargetto 2006 Monterey Gewurztraminer
1 Bargetto 2006 Pinot Grigio California
1 Bargetto 2005 Chardonnay Santa Cruz Mountains

I lied. I stayed up to see what WD had in store for us. The Bargetto folks have a tough sell this week (but I might be a sucker for Gewurtraminer… let’s see if they can talk me in to a purchase this week!)


More whites :frowning:


More whites, again? This time, not a single red in sight? Even worse, Chardonnay (shudder) 2 weeks in a row? And not even a viognier or even a sauv blanc among the whites this week…

With a Foppiano offering (maybe even with a PS!) being the other guess we figured out from WD’s clues, I feel like curling up in a ball and crying.


Seven dollars?!?!!? Whats going on?!


Y’all bettah respect the iB

And visit the site for further information, including about these wines.

(in for one…I like Gewurtz … close to Riesling … and want to have a Pinot G around…I can give the Chard as a gif)


The wine.woot blog entry from Thursday has all the details.


Santa Cruz- Chard: different. The Gewertz and the Grigio are perennial award winners. happy with this one. WD


Impressive i Byron. you are becoming top shelf indeed.


those medal wine awards are a dime a dozen nowadays. It’d make sense if they gave out ONE gold for each category opposed to hundreds.

And even tho i won’t be buying these, thanks for the variety WD. Same ol reds day after day kinda takes away the special nature of woot and its ability to find us stuff we’d normally never buy (and teaches us what to avoid in other cases haha)


anybody have a free shipping code? I could really use one of those now…


Very tempting :slight_smile: I’ll give this one a shot… then I have to lay off, too many bottles collecting.


An interesting offering. I am particularly intgrigued by the Gewurztraminer (disclaimer–I blocked and copied that; no way I can actually spell it), and look forward to the winemaker’s comments. With luck, the forum will be less comatose than last week.

I am no expert on Gewurztraminers (or any other wine, for that matter), but my impression is that they run the gamut from semi-dry to full-out desert wines. And I must admit that one of my favorite desert wines is in fact a Gewurztraminer.

Of course, I would also love to hear about the Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio. The truth is, I have have very little idea what makes a “good” Pinot Grigio.


I have to agree with those medals, this is one of my favorite Pinot Grigios! I have a few chilling in the fridge right now. Even if you don’t love whites, these are great wines to take to that summer backyard party. Someone will really enjoy them! Gewurztraminer goes great with spicy and ethnic food as well. AND MA SHIP!!! I feel the Bargetto love this morning! In for at least 2!


Nice quartet, WD. I’m sure the gewurztraminer will suck me in by the end of the week. As with pagreen, one of my favorite dessert wines is a gewurztraminer, and I also like the off-dry ones, especially with food.


Good morning everyone! Please let me know if you have any specific questions about Bargetto Winery or any of the wines that are being offered. On behalf of the Bargetto Family and Staff, I would like to thank everyone who takes advantage of this deal and tries our wines.

BARGETTO WINERY has produced handcrafted wines in the Santa Cruz Mountains since 1933. We specialize in estate grown varietals from our vineyard in the Santa Cruz Mountains, overlooking the beautiful Monterey Bay. The winery and tasting room is located in Soquel, California, and there is also a tasting room on Cannery Row in Monterey.


Well, These wines are very good. I used to work for a wine company and we always had these as a best seller. the Pinot Grigio is awesome with grilled chicken and veggies. These wines are always winning awards. Marty Bargetto and family have been at it for a long time. I have met the man and drank his wine. In my opinion, the are both first class.


Welcome to the forum! Get ready for lots of questions.

I have read the WE tasting notes for the 2005 Gewurztraminer and the Pinot Grigio; how do the 2006 compare to the 2005?


Thanks tbones. Which wine company did you work for?


Great question. These are two of our most popular white wines. Our winemakers try to keep each vintage of Gewurztraminer and Pinot Grigio very similar to the previous vintage. Stay tuned for a more detailed breakdown of the differences between the 2005 & 2006 vintages once the winemakers arrive in the office this morning.