Bargetto Winery

Bargetto Winery

Bargetto Winery 2010 White Sampler 5-Pack
$59.99 (Normally $78.00) 23% off List Price
2011 Pinot Grigio
2010 Chardonnay
2010 Sauvignon Blanc
2010 Muscat Canelli
2010 Gewurztraminer

Bargetto Winery Red Sampler 3-Pack
$44.99 (Normally $60.00) 25% off List Price
2010 Lodi Zinfandel
2010 Dolcetto
2009 Santa Cruz Mountains Syrah

Bargetto Winery 2007 La Vita Classic Italian Red Blend 2-Pack
$79.99 (Normally $120.00) 33% off List Price
2007 La Vita Classic Italian Red Blend

Bargetto Winery Domaine Saint-Vincent Brut Sparkling 3-Pack
$64.99 (Normally $84.00) 23% off List Price
Domaine Saint-Vincent Brut Sparkling

Bargetto Winery Reserve Merlot 2-Pack
$54.99 (Normally $80.00) 31% off List Price
2009 Reserve Merlot
2008 Reserve Merlot, Santa Cruz Mountains

That 2007 La Vita is very tempting…

EDIT: too tempting, pulled the trigger!

What the reason in the seal without the rope thru it and thru the cork?

Nice family too for the most part… If the winery wasn’t in the same town, I might buy some here. These are pretty good deals.