Baritone of Caliber 951786

Baritone of Caliber 951786

Whoohooo!!! Got one at last!

Woo hoo!!! Got 1.

Geez, VOP’d right when it popped up at 100% left lol.



I believe that you were looking for this.

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showed 100% left, still got VOP. My luck is non existent today

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Got it! F5 for the win! Woo!

Yay, I got one!

/giphy baritone-of-caliber :wink:



My day in the VOP.

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sigh…i seriously want this one. classical singing soprano right here. I need me a baritone. I clicked at 99% and am VOP’d

Finally escaped the VOP to successfully get my bag of disappointment!

Out the back end of the VOP and nabbed one!

To make things even worse, I got through VOP to the check-out page and now it tells me it’s already sold how. How cruel :frowning:


Been shut out the last few wootoffs. Back in the disappointment saddle again!

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Wow. Thought I was close, but… no cigar.

Got mine. Now I can get real work done


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