Barkan T580xT581 Two Smartphone & Tablet Mounts

Barkan T580xT581 Two Smartphone & Tablet Mounts

Buying these a la carte on the mothership is less than $41.

These devices SERIOUSLY beg the question of the touch-screen contact-pressure for control input/activation - if you can’t REACH your display device in 3-D space and/or can’t TOUCH it (i.e., control it) without pushing it out of position, what good is it? Kind of like prehistoric television where you had to get up and TOUCH the channel tuner knob (and bad luck if it isn’t stable on its stand).

Wake me up when we have a USB interface device-pair which lets ONE display/input device accept the touch control inputs and then feed them to the OTHER more-distant display device.

Yeah, very much like a remote for a TV or a DVD player, except it needs a significant visual “screen-location” component - move your finger here, see the cursor move over there.

Seriously. There’s a huge niche waiting…

And you heard it here first!

Can’t speak as to the price, but these look (in retrospect) much better then Aduro flexible-neck ones I bought on here and simply hate.
Locking, solid arms are a must for this kind of product.

You could use this to mount your phone to the handlebars of a bike for a fancy rearview mirror. That’s the only useful thing that comes to mind.

Have you ever heard of using your voice to control smart devices?