Barnstorming On Camels 234324

Barnstorming On Camels 234324

Sounds like a hell of a storm

Survey SAYS?!


Welp, I don’t know how I could be much faster than I’ve been. Or how any one else is being faster.


I’m invested in the Vestibule again.

0 for 7

Waited in VOP and then bam. I got it!!

Edit to add: I refreshed the VOP twice.

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I got VoP’d yet again, so no BoC for me… yet


That I shouldn’t have bet the farm on it. Lost to the VOP…



Got to the button as soon as it popped up, sent directly to the VoP. Don’t worry, @ThunderThighs. With all the time I’m spending in the VoP today, I’ll definitely be able to replace those ratty curtains.

How am I supposed to get my crap fix on with all this work?!?!!

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I missed the vop and went strait to checkout. That’s never happened

Nope! (x4)

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I got one from the VOP and that never happened before. The last 4 times I went directly to checkout.


That’s a negative… vop to sold out