BARRA Bella Dolce Dessert Wine

BARRA Bella Dolce Dessert Wine
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PRODUCT: 2 2008 BARRA of Mendocino Bella Dolce Petite Sirah Dessert Wine, 750ml
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How good is this juice?

I’ll say it once more, Cesare, you amaze me with your skill.

Hopefully MarkDaSpark can weigh in? I remember seeing Barra at D&D but I don’t recall seeing the dessert wine at the event.

what the heck, in for one, only my 3rd wine woot this week. the delivery guy is gonna think I’m a lush…

a wine.woot off!! I wasn’t expecting this.

Considering that I have three cases of woot juice en route, I think my I think my SIWBM will stand. If not my SWMBOWBM will assuredly not crumble.

These guys make some very good wines.

Very, very tempted!

My delivery guy long ago advanced beyond “think”. I tell him that I share; that since I’m the one home during the day I receive deliveries and divvy it up. But the guy who collects our recycling knows the truth.

If you really want to know someone, you can learn much more about from their trash than from their words. Beware of a betrothed who won’t let you look at their garbage.

Glad I missed this or I would have been tempted to get more. I still have the 4 bottles I ordered the last time and have yet to try it, but I am a sucker for port.