Barracuda 750GB SATA/300 7200RPM Hard Drive w/16MB Buffer

Short warranty is concerning… Seagate has had some reliability issues lately

I’m a little hesitant to trust a refurbished drive when brand new ones can be had for around ten dollars more with a full factory warranty. On the other hand, it’s a big honking drive with the right speed, so you may as well spin the wheel.

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what have other peoples experience been with refurb drives?? I haven’t had many problems with refurbs, but if they fail, I don’t lose data…

Got burned by a Woot referb drive. Never again.


The pictured drive is NOT a refurb–It’s missing the blue-green border around the sticker.

Great reviews at Newegg.

I may have missed it, but I didn’t see that it includes a dagger to stick through your heart when this drive goes kaput on you six months from now with all your irreplaceable data on it.

Late model Seagate drives are the pits.

Late model REFURBED Seagate drives give pits a bad name.

I’ve had good luck with the Western Digital hard drives, but for some reason my system hangs with the Seagate drives.

I’m going to have to pass on this offer.

These would make great scratch disks for video editing, …

I’ve been using 3 of these refurb 750s from Woot for the past year (purchased 9/24/09) and all 3 have been bulletproof, running almost 24/7. Much better deal this time around, too - last time they were $48 each.

EDIT: Seagate quality control is superb - these drives may not offer much in a warranty, but the value is astounding. My drives came completely unmarred, in perfect 100% condition, visually speaking. The drives are quiet, fast, and haven’t died on me yet. All hard drives eventually die - if you have decent backup skills, why not save some money now?

Those reviews are for a new drive. I’ve never had problems with a Seagate drive, though I know others have.

But I would never, ever buy a refurbished hard drive. Spend the extra $15 or so for a new one with a good long warranty.

hey i got this from the last woot off

NEVER NEVER NEVER Buy a refurbished HDD…


Ya hear?

Ive never had an issue with a refurb drive.

Id totally use this as a external drive to back up my movie collection. IN case my nice new warrantied drive flakes out.

I agree with the general consensus: Seagate drives are too unreliable when they are new.

I’ve been using a refurbed 500GB Barracuda (bought from Woot) for about 2 years now, no problems. YMMV, of course.


Sure, I could see these being risky for a main disk on an IMPORTANT system. But three of em in RAID for under 100 bucks would yield a pretty damn good chunk of storage! Especially in a well ventilated case.

yes i’m replying to myself hehe

unfortunately i can’t test it til i get a sata cable, got one cheap from monoprices :smiley: don’t buy from retail stores