Barrage of Cockatiels

Barrage of Cockatiels


Desktop loads slower than the App. Some day we’ll fix that.

VOP is by design. A small percentage of orders go straight through with the remainder going to the VOP to queue up for the next availability in our order processing. This keeps our servers from blowing up.

You can exit the VOP after 4-5 minutes. Desktop should kick you. App is a jerk and doesn’t kick you out.

Canceled means we ran out after we processed your payment. We have to cancel to refund the order.

Denied means that we ran out before we could process your order. We deny the order to reverse the process.

Remember to post your BOC here!

Enjoy the disappointment.




It’s time for everybody’s favourite gif:

I think I love you, VOP Vestibule of Patience! :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

(Sung to the tune of PYT)

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Those who snagged one right about now…


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Looks like my best chance was the first BoC this morning but wasn’t able to checkout cause of the amazon pay issue. now i can’t even cart it.

With 2% left!

What do you mean you can’t “cart it”? Did we just run out?

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Personally I can’t get it to go from the VOP to the checkout screen. Not even after its sold out. It doesn’t refresh or kick over anymore.

Desktop or app? App never has. It’s a jerk. Desktop does most some of the time.

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App. I knew it didn’t refresh but I thought it used to send me over to the checkout. Maybe that was desktop only.

It’ll send you to checkout if it’s your turn and there’s one available but it won’t kick you out when the item is sold out.

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Ahhh. That’s reassuring. I used to use the browser, but they show up so much faster in the app I’ve been trying it.

Stupid VOP!!!


OMG it let me get all the way to the checkout page, clicked Order then button went gray!!!

Monsters Inc Reaction GIF by filmeditor

@digitaljanitor Aren’t you who periodically posts woot!-themed songs you’ve recorded? Can you record this for us, please? Then Dropbox it so I can add it to my playlist with the woot! Christmas and the other one? Pweez can has nudder?


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I’ll have to research and think about that