Barrage On Callous 591357

Barrage On Callous 591357

Welcome to my VOP - I must own it since I am always in it

Eh. I didn’t want anyways.


You all should buy it!


I got one!:upside_down_face:

So many VOP’s today… I’ve got to train that clicking finger up apparently.

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See y’all in the next VOP. Whose turn is it to bring the pizza? :rofl:


Real question: does anybody ever make it out of the VoP? The one bag I managed to get, I bypassed the VoP and went straight to purchase. But every VoP I’ve ever been in has been an eternal waiting room.

Fail. :sob:

I’m curious about this as well. How long should one wait in a VOP before moving on?

(Edit: did the quote wrong, I meant this part:
Real question: does anybody ever make it out of the VoP?)

Everyone goes to VOP now.

Finally!! …Unbelievable Crap Success

3 VOPS today… No score. :frowning:

After a few trips to the VOP (dreadful place, really), I finally secured my first BOC in over a year! A few years ago, I heard Woot! would keep it interesting by actually giving away some high-price items in random BOCs…are those days over? It’s truly 100% C these days, right?

For those of you that did not get one like myself. Here is a palate cleanser aka cuteness overload of my girls.


First Box of Callousness I’ve got in years. 2020 is the year of disappointment and regret, I suppose.

You don’t even get to sit on the couch, do you?

Finally a Craptastic victory! Got this one.