Barrel of Crops


Just realized that I never posted my weight!
190 lbs.

Oh, you wanted the weight of the crap? Here.

Tracker number 1:

Tracker #2


No problem, glad to help out a fellow otaku :wink:

Also 25 people! Keep em coming!


me too


Do it, Do it (in my best Starsky and Hutch voice)


If only you saw my jaw drop for that split second you had me! haha


Well there is a list already going

We’ll see!


Just received a second E-mail with a second tracking number here, Estimated delivery the day after the first.

The Woot gods are definitely up to something.

Either that or they realized they made a mistake with the 1 bag 3 carps thing and are nipping it in the bud and issuing replacements before the e-mails come in.

Then again it could be epic carps!

Regardless, I’m totally looking forward to it!


I’ll ask the obvious,

  1. Did anyone who got a BoC in the last wave NOT get 2 tracking numbers?

  2. Did anyone who got a BoC in any of the waves besides the last wave get 2 tracking numbers?


I got 2 also. I wasn’t going to say anything, in case it was a mistake. But I see you guys ruined that already.

    4.0 lbs/1.8 kg
    Ship date May 2, 2012
    Estimated delivery May 11, 2012

    1.0 lbs/.5 kg
    Anticipated ship date May 2, 2012


I was in the last wave of B o C getters.

One package is 14.2x10.2x8.6 and 3.6 lbs and the other is just the place holder.


Last wave here, just got two emails each with a tracking number.

3.4 lbs and 1 lb placeholder


I saw someone post quite a few pages back that they didnt get the last wave but also got two tracking numbers



Well this is my first BOC… so I am a tad excited and confused by the process! :smiley:

But this also sounds like an unusual event?


I just got the one tracking number emailed to me finally. Just one.

I’m just happy I got one at all! My computer had died at the beginning of the woot off and my dusted off old netbook scored me a bag >_>


I have two tracking numbers, but the second is placeholder still. Wondering if anyone has two numbers and both updated weights? It has left Texas so there are two things on their way. I’m curious if everyone receiving two packages will have the same second one.


I’ll jump in the boat with everyone else that has received two tracking numbers.

Very curious to see what Woot! is up to!


Not sure which waves are which. But I got one on 3/22 and only got one tracking number.

And another one this time, and got two. But only one of the current two, has actually shipped.


Last wave here, 2 emails, 2 tracking numbers. Bring it on Woot!


Reporting for crappiness!

Pretty much the same deal as a lot of posts here.

2 tracking numbers both in account info and via email notification

Both packages tracking info show status of arrived at fedex

1 package 14.8 lbs
1 package 1.0 lb

I’m chalking this up to two possibilities:
One pound package is a placeholder glitch
~14lb package was prepackaged product, 1.0 pound package is remaining carp.


Last waver here, also rec`d 2 tracking numbers. Today i got 2 emails for tracking… one was written in a purple font the other was a plain black font.

Sooperwootyriffic! They are dated to arrive 1 day before my bday.<3

5.1 lb and 1lb… couldnt get dimensions//not on a pc.

Also both say in transit. I can`t wait!