Barrel Road Bourbon Barrel Red Blend (6)

Barrel Road Bourbon Barrel Red Blend 6-Pack
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2015 Barrel Road Bourbon Barrel Red Blend, California


My first Grape Debater review! I hope I did it right:



Woot sent me a bottle of Barrel Road to evaluate. If you are looking for a completely straightforward decent tasting wine with absolutely no complexity, you will like this. There is a decent amount of fruit, acid, and some tannins, but the mouthfeel is completely straightforward with no discernible finish, at least to me. Should be a nice wine to drink with hamburgers and pizza. Do not serve it to your wine snob friends!

Super fun review. Thanks for the notes.

WOW. my hero !!!


I just wanna know why a champagne flute is displayed with this wine.

Photographer doesn’t know wines. Go easy.