Barrel Stave Ambiance 3 Candle Holder

Barrel Stave Ambiance 3 Candle Holder
$29.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 Barrel Stave Ambiance 3 Candle Holder and Tea Lights


This is a lovely item, but I wonder if the wood will scorch/burn if the candles burn too low? Can anyone who has one of these report?

sigh Can’t believe I went to sleep and missed the Wellington.

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As long as you use it with tea lights, which are enclosed in little a metal or plastic shell, the flame won’t get close enough to the wood to burn or scorch. Tea lights are pretty low-key candles, so unless there’s some serious wind I wouldn’t worry about them, and even then they’d probably just blow out. I have a different one with 5 candles, but the same principle should apply. if you were to replace the tea lights with votives, then all bets are off.

I didn’t see the shells around the candles at first, so I too was wondering how safe a wooden candelabra (of sorts) would be. Weird, since these have been here before, but only thought about it today.

Not bad but I think the 5-candleholder stave I bought on here before is nicer. Still, this would make a nice xmas present.

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I wanna see the wine!

Wow that’s quite expensive, you can get a whole used barrel for 30 or 40 bucks. The brewery folks use them all the time.

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Cavedoni I have - 'tis WINE I’m WHINING for…


I have the 5 candle holder that is convex, not concave – no issues with errant flames. Tho, thought I paid less than this for that one. Trying to figure out if it’ll be a good gift for my sis-I-l.