Barrel & Vines Smoking Chips Sampler

Question for the vendor: Will these work in a stovetop smoker? I have one of the ones that sits across two burners and the chips go in a little pile at the bottom of the smoker. Thanks!

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Can I pop these in my Traeger?

Wait a minute…do you expect people that smoke meat and fish on an ongoing basis to buy such small quantities for that price. Four pounds for $40? Who cares if it’s prestigious wineries? We’re buying chipped up oak wine barrels and turn it to smoke and ash. It’s not like you can buy Cab chips, Pinot chips, Chard chips, etc. I’ll keep buying my 20lb bags of fruit woods and alder pellets for $13 to use in my smoker. I also go to the local people that sell the wood by a rick and 1/2 cord when I cold smoke. If I want a hint of wine taste, I’ll fill a little spray bottle and mist the food while it’s being smoked. For $10/lb, I’ll buy the family some nice ribeye steaks at Costco!