Barrister of Capriciousness

Barrister of Capriciousness

Damn! So many BoC today.

4,000 for the birthday.



Wait wait wait for the waiting roooom

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So many that I keep missing. :frowning: I love sitting in the VOP and being disappointed by Woot!

Finally got one

I’m finally at home and on Woot, and I must say that thanks to TTHH yesterday, I’m content over not having to struggle to throw $10.83 at Woot for their junk.

Not sure why I still enjoy the VoP…


Saw it at literally 100%, before the notification, still put in the queue. I’ve literally never gotten one of these damn things and I’ve been checking them for years. Christ.

Yeah… finally. Let the countdown to disappointment begin! Hooray!

sucks how I go the VOP and look at the app and it is there way before on the PC

Stay in the queue it’s not sold out and you’re in line.

Yeap… Thats what is killing me… The app is light years ahead of the website… but the VOP on the app doesnt seem to work for me lol


YES! 1 for 4…got out of VOP.

Adding… One of the few times my purchase went through after being in the VoP. Well done Woot!

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Wow… this one has staying power…

Ah, finally snagged one right before I head home from work!

I got in the queue on the last one at 98% and still was told it was sold out. I don’t think it’s reliable like that.

VOP…again. Everytime huge disappointment. YAY!!

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I was in the VOP and then it was in my cart!

I dont get why the previous product says sold out for so long and the BOC finally shows like a minute later and it too late by then. What am I missing. Different browser maybe?