Barrister of Capriciousness

Got in at 77% now at 21% and still in the VOP.

Got one!

Shows up first in the app, then on here a minute or so later.

@chaosfourever nope… Their cache server blows :frowning:

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I got a Barrister of Capriciousness!!!


I got one… Woo-hoo!!!

Nothing but…wait…YES!!!

Every time I click onto Woot today, there’s more CRAP for sale!

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was this the worst BOC since it lasted so long? I’m stoked either way…snagged one

Bummer. I got one. Ugh.

Got a Barrister! I’m ready to be disappointed.

As usual, hit “buy now” as soon as i saw it was a boc, stuck in the vestibule of nothingness.

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It’s how it works, your best chance is to stay in the queue.

vestibule x 7

I’m thinking of redecorating the VOP. I’ve spent so much time in here today.


Woohoo! Made it thru the VOP and grabbed me a BOC. Joy!!

So is the app faster?

and still going strong…

Holy Moly Macaroni! I finally scored a BOC! Sat in the VOP for 3.5 minutes and the Woot gods favored me.

I’m the same way. I want a BOC, but my wife is not a fan…

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