Barry’s Bootcamp Complete Workout System

Has anyone that has this actually used this or tried and given up? I mean at 9.99 it is a pretty good deal, but I don’t want extra crap in my house. And is this work out fun ala Zumba?

I bought this last year for almost $50 on Amazon. First, to address concerns from above: unless you overinflate the ball (it’s more of a pill) it will not pop. Also, the workouts aren’t “fun” but entertaining enough. I have to sleep (2am on the East coast) but I’ll write up something more substantial in the morning. Good night!

I’ve never tried Zumba, but I’ve actually been doing this workout with my Mom for the past 6 weeks now. So far we’ve done it for 6 days a week, 6 weeks, and haven’t had a problem with the ball or the bands, they don’t really seem any less sturdy than any other sort of exercise ball. But I don’t bounce on it or jump on it, the exercises use it for sitting or lying on.

As for the workout itself, I like it, but I haven’t really worked out to any other workout tapes before. The workout is 60 seconds of one exercise, followed by 30 seconds of break/setup, then 60 seconds of another exercise. Each disk has a 12-exercise main workout, plus 3 sets of “mission specialist workouts,” 8 exercises apiece. The exercises include things putting your back on the ball, with the band under the ball, and pumping your arms up. Another exercise involves putting the band under your feet, raising handles to your shoulders, and doing squats. The exercises themselves are fairly varied, and they give you ways to make each exercise easier or harder, depending on your needs.

Like I said, I haven’t used other workout tapes, but I’ve been doing this one for a while, and I like it so far. I definitely feel stronger, but then again, I’m coming from couch-potato status, any exercise is good exercise. XD

the “pill” is a pain in the ass. I find it stupidly large and hard to “hide” unless you have a giant room only for working out. Its size is not convenient.

Get yourself some light dumbbells, maybe 5 to 8 lbs, hold them straight up above your head, and then bend at the elbow behind your head. Go slow in good form and don’t let momentum take over. This really targets that area.

You can use something around the house if you don’t have weights, like a full jug of milk or something.

yes, well, this is true; I bit the first time.

It is still in the box, as I do believe many did forecast was its most likely use at the time of that woot…

yes, well, this is true; I bit the first time.

It is still in the box, as I do believe many did forecast was its most likely use at the time of that woot…

My first day at boot camp was very difficult. First thing off the bus, we were told we had to get in fighting shape. To do that we were to spend two weeks on the ball, extending our arms the way birds do using a large, stretchy cord. Things started to get really hard when our drill instructor arrived. He sported American Flag tights and demanded each of us to balance on the ball on our stomachs. He was very large, and forever changed my opinion on gays in the military.

I debated buying this the last time it was on Woot, but now I think I’m going to purchase it at this lower price. Even if it does not work out, I really need some resistance bands for another workout program I’ve been thinking of trying. Really would like to shed off 30 pounds.

I’m getting it for the “pill” ball. I have a regular round swiss ball, but sometimes I want to target my arms and chest and not my core so much and would like to use it as a bench for free weight workouts.

I mainly work with free weights and would also say that the Iron Gym (over the door pull up bar) is one of the best things I’ve ever bought. It feels so gratifying to be able to do pull-ups and chin-ups even if it takes a bit to work up the strength. Went from being able to do 1/2 a pull up to about a rep of 5 now.

most likley last longer than most peoples intrest then you can throw it out with out guilt

What da hell, I purchased about a month ago, and I paid $20. BTW, It works. Pretty fun enough. Should I buy one more for my brother bc it would be more fun if me and my bro do it together.

Iv had this work out for about a year. the ball is not cheep and the workout works if you eat right also. 50% is workout the other 50% is what you put in your mouth. It means to make better choices. Its called a life style change and its worth it;)

Mine split the first night that I used it and I didn’t appreciate waking up to it flying around the room. I guess that’s what I get for over inflating it. :slight_smile:

So this price isn’t too bad for a replacement and a couple additional resistance bands.

That is one big suppository.


I had thought “gee, what a giant pill.” But suppository? – my mind reels with that thought… Just ordered three.

I got this last time and its pretty good. My kids lost part of the pump though, and I know they’ll eventually pop the ball, so I’m for one as a repalcement.
Also the ball isn’t as big as it appears in the video. I would classify it as meduim sized.

I got it last time it was on sale and I was 340 lbs. I have been using it for over a month and with a solid diet (not the one they are using) I have lost 25lbs.

The program is a good system and one I hope I can use to work into P90x. The whole work out is about your core and cardio. Yes you do get tone as my wife is using it. She was 135 and now down to 128 with just doing the work outs. She doesnt diet and she is not using it everyday like I am.

The PILL i was really woried about after reading some of the reviews. It has worked for me and to be honest like I said I’m a big boy so it goes to show you it can hold some weight.

The one major nice thing I like about the program is there is a few ways to do each work out and they have the camera on those ppl so you can see the easier work out (which I started out doing) and the normal work out (after about two weeks I got to do most of the normal stuff) and then the harder work out (which I havent touched yet).

Is this a perfect system? Nope will it work? Yup just as much as getting weights and working out does. This is all about you getting off your butt and wanting to lose the weight and work out. I have gotten to that point in my life and I’m doing it. So again is this a must buy for 15 bucks I would say get it and try it. :slight_smile:

Re: the bands - Anybody know the resistance measurement as compared to other brands of resistance bands?

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